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10 Gorgeous Buildings Made Out of Books

via Flavorwire

1) Slovakian artist Matej Kren‘s installation Scanner. See more here.

2) Another work by Matej Kren, the octagonal Book Cell. [via Inhabitat]

3) Home, a self-sustained book igloo designed by Colombian artist Miler Lagos. [via My Modern Met]

4) A building made from 7,000 recycled phone books. [via Inhabitat]

5) The seven-story “Tower of Babel,” masterminded by Marta Minujin and built with 30,000 books donated by readers, libraries and more than 50 embassies. [via The Guardian]

6) Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller built this mini house from hundreds of recycled books for Modern Art Oxford and the Fruitmarket Gallery in 2008. [via Inhabitat]

7)  Argument #2, by Tom Bendtsen.

8) A perfect playhouse in the children’s room of the Iowa City Public Library. [via]

9) Another gorgeous book fort in the Trondheim library. [via]

10) We know this one is cheating, but we just couldn’t help it. How cool is the Kansas City Public Library? And this is just their parking garage! [via]
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